Ingredients Research Centre, the Netherlands

The Trouw Nutrition Ingredient Research Centre assesses newly identified potential ingredients for feeds. Researchers evaluate the nutritional and functional content of ingredients and functionality that may contribute to sustainable production, animal health and product quality. The research team works together with the species specific research teams to develop synergies and generate new ideas for our innovation process. The Trouw Nutrition research laboratory is at the disposal for all research teams and is equipped for Q-PCR studies, molecular biology, microbiology, immunology and in vitro assays and digestion models.

Poultry Research Centre, Spain

The Poultry Research Centre encompasses an expert team on efficient and sustainable feed utilisation, production performance and poultry and rabbit health and welfare. The Poultry Research Centre in Spain is a large research centre with facilities for broilers, broiler breeders, laying hens and rabbits. There is a special unit for physiological and digestion studies and facilities for optimising nutrition for animals in different housing systems. A research feed plant provides the feed needed for these research activities and a laboratory undertakes any required nutritional analyses.



Ruminant Research Centre, the Netherlands

The Ruminant Research Centre consists of an international team of scientists working on dairy, beef and calf nutrition. At our experimental dairy farm feed intakes, milk yields, nutritional physiology and health are studied. The group counts a second farm used for the study of growing ruminants, beef and dairy calves. There, milk feeding, weaning and growth trials are carried out, looking at growth and feed efficiency, but most importantly animal development and health. In vitro and in situ models complete the range of experimental possibilities. Ruminant research is focused on the development of products and concepts. Equally important is the quantification of nutritional processes for our nutritional models. These efforts aim to further develop an economically and environmentally sustainable dairy and beef production.

Swine Research Centre, the Netherlands

Swine Research Centre has an expert team and facilities for nutritional research with sows, piglets and growing pigs. The SRC is equipped with research techniques that enable researchers to conduct detailed nutritional research focusing on improved feed efficiency, piglet nutrition and health and sow transition. Included in the new facility are unique electronic feeding and water stations and video surveillance, which make it possible to individually monitor the feeding behaviour of all categories of pigs, even though they are group housed. With these, Nutreco can study water and feed intake characteristics. In addition, there is a unit for health related, physiological and digestibility studies. In this unit, researchers can simulate field conditions occurring on farms.

Aqua Research Centre, Norway

Nutreco has its own Aquaculture research centre located in Stavanger, Norway.It is a globally-recognised institute with about 40 employees with competencies in fish nutrition, fish health and hygiene, feed technology and fish farming. Besides an office, there is a well-equipped research station, technology centre and laboratory. Trouw Nutrition is working with the leader in aquaculture creating innovative products that yield.