A visit to VetoPartners, Senegal

19 October 2015

From 12-16th of October, two Trouw Nutrition specialists have visited VetoPartners in Dakar, Senegal. VetoPartners and Trouw Nutrition Hifeed already cooperate in the Senegalese market for more than 5 years with great success. VetoPartners’ intimate knowledge of the local market together with Trouw Nutrition’s product innovations and technical support have already proven highly successful in the Senegalese poultry sector.

The visit symbolizes our joined interest to enhance our presence in the ruminant sector. A local livestock market was visited, as well as a series of family sheep holders and dairy cow holders outside of Dakar. The trip has highlighted the importance of melting local knowledge with the latest technical insights. The discussions have laid the basis of a new product portfolio and market penetration strategy. In the coming months and years we will further roll-out our strategy for our further joined success! p>