First MMS in Africa operational in Harare, Zimbabwe

9 November 2015

Zimbabwe is one of the main markets in Southern Africa, and Profeeds, a Trouw Nutrition customer, the dominant player of the local feed industry. Profeeds has placed product quality and industrial efficiency at the heart of its successful strategy, and have been using Fylax Forte for almost a year.

Thanks to the technical assistance of the Selko application team, Profeeds Moisture Management System (MMS) is now fully operational. The MMS allows Profeeds to measure moisture levels in-line and automatically correct them, thus adding an extra level of consistency to their product.

The use of Fylax Forte together with the Trouw Nutrition expertise also allows a better understanding and control of the various parameters influencing shelf life. This is paramount, in a market where 100% of the volume is manufactured in bags!

Thank you to the Selko and Profeeds team for their hard work while commissioning the MMS, and let’s this one be the first of a long list!