Launch of Reviva in South Africa

10 November 2015

South Africa is one of the biggest dairy markets in Africa, with a yearly production of around 2,700 Million of liters of Milk, coming out of 2,200 dairy farm averaging 300 cows each. Needless to say, a perfect marketing opportunity for Farm-O-San’s flagship product, Reviva.

After weeks of intensive preparation, the launch website and the various promotional items, such as pamphlets and drinking buckets, were ready.

The official launch was a great combined effort of Trouw Nutrition’s Dutch and South African teams, together with our local distributors ADVIT Animal Nutrition and Nutribasics. After a week of farm visits with four provinces and hundreds of cows visited, the Reviva launch was official. The market showed great interest, with some herds already trying the product at a large scale.

We would like to thank the Farm-O-San and Trouw Nutrition support teams, and also our local partners for this successful launch and wish success to all with this new innovative product.