Lifestart event in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

14 May 2015

Lifestart is a holistic concept focused on expressing the growth genetic potential of pigs starting from the intrauterine period – metabolic programming and ending with the finisher period. The Lifestart goal is to get the best possible start for piglets which will lead to best performances.

During the Lifestart event, organized for Trouw Nutrition customers on 11 - 13 May, customers present were pleased to participate in this event, with a focus on that particular life period of the pig.

As a conclusion of the event, a good quality complete feed, well designed, with the latest nutritional innovation added, well and correct fed should result in 2-3kg extra weight at the end of finisher period, in 6 to 7 days quicker to slaughter and an important overhead cost savings.