Opening Extruder Line Skretting Nigeria - Ibadan, Nigeria

25 February 2016

On the 25th of February, Skretting Nigeria opened their modern feed plant in Ibadan, Nigeria. The successful opening was followed by a social and entertaining day and welcomed many Nigerian and other African business partners.

The program started with a prayer by Pastor Bode Oluwaleye, followed by a welcome by Seyi Adeleke-Ige (General Manager Skretting Nigeria) and an inspiring speech by Rob Kiers (Managing Director Nutreco Africa). Next a number of other leaders in the fish farming industry as well as the Dutch Deputy-Ambassador spoke about this important step for Nigeria.

The new extruder line is a big improvement to the (Nigerian) industry. Floating extruded catfish feed is “Superior” (also our local brand name!) to traditional sinking feeds or homemade mixings both in nutritional balance and physical quality. The number one advantage is the floating property that facilitates fish farmers in feeding-to-appetite in pond systems. As a result both underfeeding and overfeeding can be avoided and FCR improved by following the surface response of fish.


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