Partnerships: the formal and ethical side

28 April 2015

With many of you we have been working together for many years and together we have been able to successfully grow our businesses. The starting point of a good partnership is a common business understanding and trust and with many of you we have been operating on that base for years. And that base is extremely important going forward. However it is also good to use this base and on top of that create a common understanding on the more formal side of our partnership being amongst other product scope, distribution rights, liabilities, delivery conditions and business ethics.

As Hifeed we decided this year to focus on this side and to formalize our business relationships via contractual agreements. In the coming months we will approach most of you to discuss and arrange this. Next to this also business ethics are playing a crucial role in our partnerships. Ethics give the rules of the game and define how we want to do business. As Nutreco we described our business ethics in a code and we would like to invite all of you to read it. With formalized agreements and common understanding on our business ethics we believe the base is even broaden to keep our business flourishing together.

Click here for the code of ethics.