Second Nutreco Seminar at Bamako with Malivet & Espace Avicole

1 May 2015

Nutreco organized, on the 27th of April, a seminar at Bamako and visited several broilers and layers farms during this week. More than 150 farmers, veterinarians and technicians attended the seminar on poultry nutrition and additives benefits. Four presentations were given to highlight how our products (Selko-pH, Toxo-XL, NutriCool, Hendrix concentrates and Chickcare) give added value on the African conditions of the poultry production.

This week also gave the opportunity to introduce Selko-pH in the prophylaxis program of Malivet and Espace Avicole, recommended and adopted by farmers. Mali is one of the countries where our Hendrix concentrates brand name has the biggest awareness and market share in poultry. We plan to use it to further develop the sales of our Selko products.