Selko-pH in South Africa

6 July 2015

In South Africa, the microbiological quality of water is becoming more and more of a challenge. More often, population growth and various industries end up spoiling rivers and water table, creating a new challenge for the farming industry.

Strong of its experience in the country in the poultry industry, which is equally facing the challenges described above, Trouw Nutrition has teamed up with ADVIT Animal Nutrition, its Nutriopt Partner, to propose a solution to the pig industry.

At Pinecone Forestry, a farm of 600 PIC sows from Northern Kwazulu-Natal, Selko-pH was first used in an overnight flushing. The look of water coming out of these pipes in the morning was shocking! There onwards, the sows’ water supply was dosed continuously with Selko-pH, after the farm staff has been trained on using the product correctly and controlling pH levels.

We are now aiming at a stable water quality and higher water intakes, turning this exercise into profit for our first pig farm on Selko-pH in South Africa!