Prolonged shelf life

Moulds consume the main ingredients of feed materials. This results in deteriorated nutritional quality such as reduced starch and protein content, and a poorer palatability. Moulds also produce mycotoxic substances which poses a serious threat to animal and human health – even low levels can result in sub-clinical health problems and reduced productivity. The combined organic acids in Fylax effectively reduce moulds in a broad spectrum way. Part of the acids is buffered with ammonium salts, making them less liable for evaporation and keeping them active in the feed material. This is an important step for a long lasting protective effect. As a result, Fylax extends the shelf life of feed materials, and prevents the negative effects that moulds have on feed quality. The surfactants used in Fylax liquid reinforce the anti-mould effect in two ways. They ensure that Fylax and water are evenly distributed throughout the feed material so that the entire material receives an anti-mould treatment. The surfactants also improve the water binding capacity of feed materials by lowering the water activity (Aw-value), which serves as an indicator of the volume of free water. The more free water present, the better conditions for unwanted mould development. Aw-values greater than 0.6 indicate an increased risk of mould growth.

Improving feed mill efficiency
The surfactants in Fylax liquid not only reinforce the anti-mould effect, they also improve processes at the feed mill. Better water binding capacity and dispersion of water throughout the feed material enable the moisture content in the final feed to be optimized without any negative effect on shelf life. The surfactants, in combination with the present water, act as a ‘lubricant’ for the press. The smooth press process helps to maintain the nutritional value of the main ingredients in your feed. The lower press resistance also reduces the energy needed for the pelletisation process and ensures that production runs more efficiently by lowering the risk of blockages. The result is an increase in production capacity.

Customised services
Selko labservice:

  • Analysis of the quality and predicted shelf life of raw materials and compound feeds.

Dosage equipment:

  • Supply and installation of complete dosing systems.
  • Training and instruction of local engineers.

Fylax regulator:

  • Calculation tool to optimise the moisture content in the final feed, taking into account raw material quality and required shelf life.
  • Calculation tool for the extra benefits of moisture optimisation.


 Fylax® liquid

  • Maintain nutritional value and prolong shelf life.
  • Supports distribution of Fylax and water and improves waterbinding capacity.
  • Feed mill efficiency by moisture retention, energy savings reduction and increased pelletising capacity.

 Fylax® dry

  • Maintain nutritional value and prolong shelf life.
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