Maxcare Extra, all-in-one

Convenience product, for feed mills and home mixing farms. Contains all necessary vitamins, macro and micro minerals and limiting amino acids. Specialty products can be added. The “Extra” range includes special concepts like organic minerals, which reduces/prevents specific farm challenges for each animal species.

We offer tailor-made solutions, please contact us with your wishes.


All Maxcare products are produced according to Nutreco’s Nutrace quality standards.

Formulation has been based on global Trouw Nutrition R&D and experience (65 million MT compound feed eqv.)

Maxcare users benefit from the expertise of Trouw Nutrition on nutrition and farm management. The service of BOSS ration calculation offers you the best ration for your farm.


Less working capital to be invested in single ingredients, with low turnover.

Convenience, easy dosing (1 bag per MT final feed) provides all vitamins, micro and macro minerals and other specialties.

Reliability of proper feed composition. Small essential feed components cannot be forgotten or overdosed.

Better homogeneity of the mix, since low inclusion ingredients have already been premixed.