Nuklospray E50

Dairy based microencapsulated energy ingredient. Nuklospray E50 is a mixture of high quality dairy products and homogenized vegetable oils. Young piglets have restrictive digestive capacities, where fat digestion is the most limiting. Besides low enzyme activity also the emulsifying capacity is poor. Nulkospray E50 offers full-microencapsulated energy with a physical similarity to sows milk, which has a significant positive effect ondigestibility. In the first week after weaning blended oils have a faecal digestibility of approximately 80%. Nuklospray has a faecal fat digestibility of 92%. This higher digestibility is simulating feed intake and animal performance and reducing the risk on digestive disorders.


• Smoother transition to solid feed;

• Enhanced pre and post weaning growth;

• Not competing to any feed producers.


• High quality vegetable oils and dairy ingredients;

• Fully encapsulated fats to achieve good free flowing characteristics and fat digestibility;

• Homogenized highly digestible fats, particle size equal to sows milk;

• Better feed intake first weeks after weaning.