Nuklospray L70

Dairy based whey powder replacer. Nuklospray L70 is a high lactose containing feed ingredient and therefore a good alternative for sweet whey powder. It gives flexibility up to a 1 : 1 replacement of sweet whey in your formula. Nuklospray L70 is designed to fulfill the lactose requirement in your diets. It is not hygroscopic, therefore easy to use. Where sweet whey or other derivate can show variation in composition, physical appearance and free flowing properties, Nuklospray L70 will offer stability in diet formulation and production process.


• Proven better animal performance;

• 1 : 1 replacement of whey derivate;

• Non-hygroscopic, not sticky; better flowing properties;

• Stable in composition and performance.


• Smoother transition to solid feed;

• Enhanced pre and post weaning growth;

• Not competing to any feed producers.