Profish Ω

Profish is a fish meal protein and fish oil replacer. Available for swine and poultry.


Higher growth rate of the broilers & better uniformity.

Higher growth rate after weaning, improved uniformity and better health status in piglets.

Higher survival rate of new-born piglets, by using Profish in gestating sow diets.

Better health status and milk yield in lactating sows.


Contains high quality “Xalar” salmon oil as a source of Ω-3fatty acids. The best safeguard against rancidity. Better immunity, due to “Xalar” salmon oil Ω-3 fatty acids (better than vegetable Ω3-fatty acids. No deteriorated protein. Protected against salmonella and moulds. Much higher energy value than average fishmeal. Enjoy all the benefits of fishmeal, without the quality concerns.

Trouw Nutrition product