Selko SR Butyrate

Source of encapsulated slow release butyrate that delivers the butyrate gradually into the intestine and caecum. The products contain 30, 50 or 70 percent butyrate with a different speed of release of the butyrate in the intestinal tract.


• Controlled release of butyric acid in the whole digestive tract;

• Based on the requirements of the animal or the targets of the nutritionist the speed of release can be controlled by using the different butyrate sources(Selko SR Butyrate -30, -50 or -70).


• Energy source for intestinal enterocytes and therefore better intestinal development;

• Reduces inflammation reactions in the intestine;

• Reduced virulence of salmonella and reduced colonization;

• Improved technical results in weaning pigs and broilers;

• Due to hydrogenated fat encapsulation technique the butyrate can bypass the stomach and reach the intestines;

• No pungent smell.

This is a Selko product