Xalar Premium Salmon Oil

Xalar premium salmon oil is a salmon oil produced from fresh salmon slaughter offals by Marine Harvest. This salmon oil distinguishes itself by its extreme freshness, which is stabilised due to immediate preservation with Seldox ESG (E310). In this way, Ω-3 fatty acids are optimally protected and maximal biologically available. Xalar salmon oil has a very high purity and a neutral taste.


o Oil harvesting at slaughter house;

o Immediate separation of oil & salmon offals;

o No addition of oxidative products (e.g. acids);

o No hydroxylation of fermentation processes;

o Addition of specific anti-oxidant blend;

o Immediate storage under nitrogen.



o Higher growth & feed intake;

o Improved resistance;

o Improved immunity;

o Lower mortality;

o Less diarrhea.