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Optiline: More Fish With Less Feed

Metabolic activators are natural substances present in specific raw materials. When combined correctly, these substances positively impact the fish's physiology. More fat is stored in the edible parts of the fish rather than in those parts removed in the gutting process after slaughter.

Optiline Premium is the first feed to contain metabolic activators that stimulate the fish's metabolism and energy utilisation. The metabolic activators help reduce visceral fat and increase fillet fat content. The improved distribution of fat provides higher slaughter yields, with larger fillets and higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

Masterlab NIR

NIRS stands for Near Infra Red Spectroscopy. This technique is an alternative in analysing samples for chemical substances like proteins, liquids, fat, starch, cellulose, carbohydrate, glucose and ashes. Within several minutes the test results are complete which offers customers the possibility to alter their production process or swiftly release production batches for delivery. The costs of this analysis are relatively low. Fingerprinting is one of the new areas of NIR.

MasterLab has over 25 years of experience using NIRS. We develop and sell solid calibrations needed to work with NIRS. We can also take care of yearly maintenance and updates.