Swine Services

Optimising Intestinal Health

Controlling intestinal health is of great importance for the well-being of an animal. In a challenging economic situation, with the need to reduce antibiotic usage, innovative solutions are required to control intestinal health in a sustainable way.

Stress plays a major role in disturbing the gut environment and setting up health challenges. A stable microbiota and a strong gut barrier are key in maintaining good health and preventing problems related to pathogens and toxins. The integrated approach is designed to raise profit by decreasing infection pressure and effectively helps to reduce antibiotics.

Masterlab NIR

NIRS stands for Near Infra Red Spectroscopy. This technique is an alternative in analysing samples for chemical substances like proteins, liquids, fat, starch, cellulose, carbohydrate, glucose and ashes. Within several minutes the test results are complete which offers customers the possibility to alter their production process or swiftly release production batches for delivery. The costs of this analysis are relatively low. Fingerprinting is one of the new areas of NIR.

MasterLab has over 25 years of experience using NIRS. We develop and sell solid calibrations needed to work with NIRS. We can also take care of yearly maintenance and updates.


Animal Husbandry Advice

Besides the nutrition, animal performance is also largely influenced by animal husbandry. Trouw Nutrition specialists in topics like housing, climate, health and farm management are supporting our customers with achieving the best animal results. These senior specialists are bringing a wealth of experience collected all around the globe, when advising our customers in their markets, or supporting them on distance by answering their questions.