Alternative Antioxidant Offsets Vit E Price Hike

26 March 2020

Complementing vitamin E in livestock diets with additional antioxidants will help maintain or improve total antioxidant supply while lessening the impact of current escalated vitamin E prices.

Since late 2019, global vitamin E prices has been at unprecedented levels following supply issues that resulted in a shortage of one of the key intermediaries, leading to reduced vitamin E production.

“Vitamin E is one of the key exogenous antioxidants required by the animal, and alongside the activity of endogenous compounds helps all classes of farm livestock combat the effects of oxidative stress,” comments Laura Drury from Trouw Nutrition GB. “With the increased global prices, if formulations are to rely on the same inclusion rate of vitamin E then inevitably finished feed prices will rise. But at the same time, it is vital that antioxidant supply is maintained for healthy, productive animals.

“However, other exogenous anti-oxidants, particularly polyphenols, can be used to partially replace vitamin E in formulations.”

Ms Drury explains that polyphenols have a similar molecular structure to vitamin E but because they have more hydroxy groups than vitamin E this means they have a greater antioxidant capacity per mole, making them more effective at supporting an animal’s antioxidant status. Combined with vitamin E, they can increase the total antioxidative potential of a feed.

AOmix from Trouw Nutrition is a mixture of specially selected polyphenols with a high antioxidant effect, high bioavailability and an optimal distribution in the body to support an animal’s antioxidative status. AOmix M contains a unique combination of four polyphenols and is specifically formulated for monogastrics while AOmix R has been specifically developed for ruminant diets.

“Where vitamin E inclusion rates in feeds are in excess of NRC guidelines, there is an opportunity to replace some of this vitamin E with alternative antioxidants such as AOmix. Whilst it is important to ensure that vitamin E requirements are met first, AOmix is an effective alternative to addressing the issue of oxidative stress, with the added benefit of saving costs by replacing more expensive vitamin E above NRC recommendations,” Ms Drury explains.


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